This book has been designed keeping the student's difficulties they face while studying Samhitas and also the inability to revise courses details prior to the examination.

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Yogamritham Journey

Yogamritham is a simple text designed for the students of CCY (Certificate Course in Yogic Science). Yogamritham is an elixir for the students who want to have deep understanding of the great Indian science of Yoga. It is formulated by combining ancient Indian methodology with the modern science.

Yogamritham is a panacea for the beginners of Yogic education.

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Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Breathing and postures help you soothe your mind and create a holistic mindset, which in turn reduces the possibility of stress and anxiety. Yoga is beautiful when it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety. From work and family to managing financial and societal responsibilities, Yoga can help you tackle life’s everyday challenges with ease.

Control Blood Pressure

High BP is the new constant truth in our lives, and people seem to be getting affected at an earlier age. Stress could be a contributing factor. Long-term studies have shown that people who do Yoga display a marked improvement in blood pressure levels. People who have been practicing Yoga for five years or more show the best results.

Weight Loss

Jumping into a vigorous gym workout routine can be tough, especially if you have a lot of weight on you and aren’t used to working out and the stress that comes along with it. Luckily, you have yoga. Reducing inflammation, joint ache, back pains, balancing hormones, decreasing cravings, and many other weight loss benefits can all be associated with yoga.

Arthritis Control

Arthritis is a huge part of aging. It is estimated that 22.7% of adults suffer from arthritis. Yoga can do wonders to help fight the effects of arthritis from both psychological and physical aspects. Studies have shown that just 90 minutes of yoga per week for an eight-week period can significantly reduce joint ache associated with arthritis.

Yogi Vikas Kumar

‘Yogi Vikas Kumar’ is a known name in the realm of yoga and spiritualism.

Yogi Vikas ” the ultimate goal is to implant the seed of yoga in all human beings, to produce awareness about the multifarious dimensions of yoga, to impart proper practical training and thereby to benefit the entire human race”.
Yogi Vikas is a living example of ” the service to mankind is service to God”.
Yogi Vikas is not only a great yoga sadhaka but also he is one of the leading teachers of India in the field of yoga. He has equal command on both the theoretical part as well as practical part of yogic philosophy.



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